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It's the thought that counts

Over a hundred years ago, on a corner in a small town at the edge of The Empire, a large Arts and Crafts home was built. After it had aged for seventy years to an architectural ripeness it became The Big Haus, and as such, a small part of the Kingdom of God and His Christ. From the beginning this Haus has been devoted to the pursuit of Peace in the ultimate virtues that Christianity provides to life and mind. In that Peace it is a fine place to rest, and while at rest, to think about resting. There you can lay your hands on this Peace, understand it, and smile back at it when it smiles at you. Heck, you can see it from the front porch, taste it at dinner, and pursue it, with a more mental hunger, across the landscape of some conversation. 

So, if you want insight, and if you can get here (that isn’t so easy), come by for a visit. You can join us for a weekend, a week, or a semester or two. We’ll talk about stuff. Stuff we’ve thought long and hard about. Because, as you know from the headline, and you’ll know after you leave, at The Big Haus, it’s the thought that counts.