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The Big Haus Lieutenancy is a ministry of mutual benefit. Those who are accepted for this track at the Haus have a set term agreed upon beforehand running from a month or two, to a semester or two, up to a calendar year. Their time at the Big Haus is free of rent or utilities. They only pay $150 per month for food. In exchange for this low cost life they have two simple expectations.



The reading list (available on our website) is an informal curriculae through which we take the lieutenants at a pace of five to seven assignments every two weeks. Their reading is to be attended to with note taking in order that they might annotate ideas, questions and favorite quotations. When the reading is completed the lieutenant informs us and we schedule a time of conversation where we go through each item and respond and pursue the materials as seen through the eyes

of the reader. This is a casual, informal conversation that can stay on point or wander to other ideas deemed important. If there is more than one lieutenant going through the exact same material at the same pace these conversations may be a group. There is no expectation that the student gain what we have gained, just that they face up to it. The curriculum is long and it is not likely that a lieutenant will finish (which is not important) but it is broad enough to allow it to adjust to the developments occur- ring in the conversations.

There are no academic assignments other than the reading, and no grades, tests or certificates awarded.



This is what makes the lieutenant a lieutenant. The nor- mal tenants of the Haus have no expectation past a few chores and no expectation that they pursue the materials we encourage at the Haus. The lieutenant, by being in pursuit of the influential thoughts which are foundational for the Haus, is here to serve the physical needs of the Haus as well. They need to be helping the ministry run.

They are expected to provide time and offer that time to the Haus in order to be assigned work that helps the Haus infrastructure hold together.

The combination these two expectations is why we have learned to hold the lieutenant to a limit of having only a part time job or attending school outside the Haus part time. Full time at either school or work keeps the two requirements mentioned above from being met. If a lieutenant’s circumstance changes during the lieutenancy term agreed upon and a full time, outside option is being considered, the lieu- tenant must be ready to of- fer to end their lieutenancy and (if there is room or if no new lieutenant is applying for the spot) begin paying full rents as a tenant. Since we are offering these free spots by the grace of our donor base (which pays to make rooms available), we may not have the freedom to allow the room to become a regular tenant’s room. The retiring lieutenant may have to move somewhere else.

Lieutenants are expected to broaden their conversation of things thought and learned with the other tenants of the Haus to provide everyone more edification informally (for instance in dinner conversation). The lieutenants are expected to avail themselves of the other ministry opportunities the Haus offers, schedule permitting.

Lieutenants may be either male or female, even married couples (without children). We also will consider allowing a seeking non-Christian to function as a lieutenant.



Lieutenancy application

Lieutenancy distinctions

Resident handbook

Given that the life of a lieutenant is just as involved in the Big Haus as a regular tenant, anyone considering applying ought to read the Big Haus Residents Handbook.



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