Sermons & Teaching

Visiting the Haus

The hospitality of The Big Haus over its three decades has been organized and offered in four essential forms. Initially, there were college or career singles who live in the Haus as rent-paying TENANTS. As the ministry became more established and our reputation as a source for Christian growth grew, we began offering a rent-free position for people who want to study the philosophy taught at the Haus and assist in its ministry: We call them LIEUTENANTS. Because the lieutenancy is rent-free, the number of positions available depends on the amount of donations we receive monthly; if we have enough extra to pay for a room, then we offer it. Most recently, we have begun offering a short-stay option at the Haus which we call SEVENPILLAR. Sevenpillar is a great opportunity for couples (without children) or singles to join us for a week of growth in a particular topic, whether driven by a need for counseling or a desire for intellectual or philosophical wisdom. In addition to these three ministry-oriented positions, we have always been visited by GUESTS passing through. While they are not visiting for any spiritual or intellectual purpose (other than as informally occurs in that visit), we have enjoyed being available to them and growing our range of acquaintance.